Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Mobile Lentils

Where is the third peanut butter jar?

What? That is not the first question readers would ask.

Just what every potluck-bound bus rider needs
Lentil Soup goes mobile

Begin Digression: RantWoman deeply appreciates both the good fortune of good taste in peanut butter and a peanut butter company that still distributes its product in glass jars!  End Digression.

Begin different digression: RantWoman's task was make a potluck item for a potluck involving a number of vegans. Scanning her kitchen, RantWoman's gaze landed on....lentils and vegetables good for lentil stew! End second digression.

Still another digression: RantWoman's itinerary the day of the potluck: stop at event connected with evening potluck; leave soup in refrigerator. Do second rountip bus journey of day. Back in time to heat the soup for dinner. End digression.

The third peanut butter jar and the lentil soup left over after a recent potluck stayed to feed some underpaid young people who live near the potluck. The other two jars were also full at the beginning of the day.

The potluck involved the kitchen at RantWoman's faith community so theoretically RantWoman could have counted on a vessel large enough to reheat the soup without bringing her own soup pot. Theoretically.

RantWoman probably also could have transported the jars of soup wrapped in dish towels and toted in some kind of RantWoman bag without the soup pot. Maybe RantWoman could actually have carried the bag of jars over her shoulder instead of having the weight of the pot plus the jars fall mainly on her hands and wrists. Maybe RantWoman will remember that next time and will also weigh the need for upgrading the rainproofing.

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