Saturday, January 23, 2016

Saturday night at the Android tech support bar :Nehemiah

RantWoman has odd fantasies. Tonight's fantasy is that she will post here two Android tech support issues and the some bot will come along overnight, detect RantWoman's distress and leave a comment with topical links to solve the problems.

Yeah, RantWoman is still unsure about refrigerator on the internet issues, but RantWoman would find it interesting to see what such a bot can do.

The issues:
(Digression: Twitter, 10,000 characters? NOooooo! RantWoman likes twitter BECAUSE of the character limit. RantWoman finds the thought of 10,000 tweets terrifying. If you have that much to say, write an article somewhere and post a link!)

A Paste from Clipboard option?
Recently RantWoman discovered Twitters new save the url to the clipboard option. RantWoman thinks this could be way cooler than the Quote option.  Could be way cooler except so far RantWoman has mastered the copy to clipboard part of the process but not the Paste from Clipboard. Menu + V ? Huh? RantWoman has not found a menu button or figured out a menu gesture. RantWoman will keep fiddling with things as she has time, but...

Doesn't that sound simple? Not so, the next one.

Nehemiah: RantMom every year has been buying RantWoman and Little Sister a magazine of daily devotionals. RantWoman's come in large print. RantWoman reads them intermittently RantWoman has been surprised sometimes at how on point something is. One day last week, the Bible reading was from Nehemiah about some kind of troubles RantWoman still has not fully read about. RantWoman has not yet read because she has a doozy of a tech support question.

RantWoman reads the devotionals most frequently on the bus. This means if RantWoman wants to read the full Bible passages mentioned, RantWoman is going to look them up through her cellphone. RantWoman has only tried thisa few times. RantWoman uses a site called . RantWoman thinks there is an app and has no opinion whether accessibility might be better through the app. For now RantWoman is just unintentionally crash testing. Actually fixing might be another step.

The site has a field to enter the passage one is searching for. But with talkback and a couple other things on, RantWoman types one character and then thec cursor flies off to what would be the address bar in Windows devices. RantWoman can press the back button and get back to the field where she is entering data, but in order to type anything, RantWoman has to keep doing this extra step between every letter or number and the next. Can you say ANNOYING.

RantWoman had exactly the same cursor jumping to the address bar on another site where RantWoman was needing to enter a username and a guest password for a separate software startup. Having the problem on more than one site  actually is not necessarily helpful as far as identifying actual solutions.

Is it a #fail of Android accessibility? Is it the combination of settings RantWoman uses? The problem occurs on more than one website so RantWoman is unsure whether the problem could be with specific website settings or characteristics or the problem is intrinsic to Android.

There, now tech support bots, can you save RantWoman having to read pages of search results with Mr. JAWS? Can you please? Pretty Please?

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