Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Take That Planet!

RantWoman, no responsible funder anywhere on the planet EVER wants to hear about Ambassador Thwack the Inappropriately Behaving White Cane and his school of percussive pedagogy.

Yes, and...?

RantWoman has a worse problem. RantWoman has learned that the bodies of many electric cars are essentially like papier mache. That is if Ambassador Thwack needed to invoke the School of Percussive Pedagogy, say on cars trying to creep into crosswalks or right on red after barely stopping, Ambassador Thwack could do serous  body damage.

RantWoman does not particularly want to know that. For one thing no matter how good electric cars are for the planet, many blind people, pedestrians particularly HATE them: they are too quiet.

Here is an example article, full of all sorts of reflections on good process and working with appropriate structures including recommendations about augmented sounds.

Mitch Pomerantz ACB / WBU statement 2011

But wait! RantWoman IS willing to accept rides in electric cars! RantWoman, though, does feel particular responsibility to help drivers maintain appropriate attention and to be judicious about the thwacking while actually riding in electric cars

RantWoman collided with these realizations recently while on the way to an event she had already decided was going to need to be handled by Deputy Chief of Mission Thwack. DCoM Thack is the same length as Ambassador Thwack but she folds up more compactly, is lighter and manages a different standard for diplomacy partly because she feels no obligation to maintain the sort of bruiser presence sometimes needed on the mean streets of the big city. DCoM Thwack also managed to be on the job when Ambassador Thwack was having one of his laze about and try to get lost moments.

Deputy Chief of Mission has more to say, in a separate blog post.

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