Monday, March 14, 2016

Large waves hit San Juan ferry; the wind

To mark RantWoman's current #wawind #wawx experience, RantWoman offers the following video, 8+ minutes including a good bit of car alarm after a very large wave hit the San Juan Ferry.

RantWoman also notes that she is able to make connections such as the above because her power never went out. Note to self: crank radio with option to charge things like cellphone though.

RantWoman also notes that in consideration of the weather, a favorite potluck has been postponed. The guest list was equivocal as of Sunday worship. That is postponement was suggested. RantWoman acknowledge that a time or two recently she has gone out during strong wind when she did not absolutely have to and decided mid-trip that travel was a bad idea. But the midday guest consultation opted for final decision closer to time of event. 

The potluck was to be in West Seattle very near the tip of Alki, GORGEOUS even in strong wind. But those on the guest list took stock of

Downed trees near one person in Burien

The tree that fell onto the car near Seward Park

The 520 bridge closed due to high wind.

Power outages, non-functioning traffic signals and downed trees to the North.

Decision occurred by email as RantWoman was "cooking," getting some asparagus to steam upon arrival at the destination. RantWoman will happily enjoy the asparagus. RantWoman separately will riff about food and potlucks and bus travel..

Homeward travel options included bus or bus plus Light rail. RantWoman opted for the latter but did have to permit herself a mental excursion about "what happens if the power goes out?
Wind howling around Mt. Baker station. RantWoman chose to bus from Light rail to home. Rain. Less wind but still formidable. RantWoman lives on the 6th floor of a 7-story building, near enough to a windward corner to hear a lot of howling.

But RantWoman has POWER  and The Internet....

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