Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday Metro Math with monsoon mixed in.

Today's Metro Math

First thing:
7 41 345

Eye appointment. What fun.

For a bonus, get to come home and try NextMD. Twice the fun, but a separate post!

Afterward, 40 back the other way.

Decision point: need lemons.

The 41, favorite supermarket in the ID, and Light rail?

Remember also need canned cat food. Preferred brand = few locations than lemons.

Ahh, the 66 or 67 down Roosevelt to the U-district!

Up pulls the 67. Ride to the U-district is smooth, well except for the part about construction, construction, bus stop relocated...., sidewalk closed...

Google, find RantWoman a pedestrian-accessible route to the entrance to target grocery store.

RantWoman if you would let Google follow your location more closely... or if you would figure out a fast way to document your decisions ...

No sale. RantWoman means find a route that blind people can do. Never mind that RantWoman has enough vision to try things other blind people just know are bad ideas without trying.

RantWoman did in fact find a route to the store entrance. The route involved being a pedestrian in a parking garage, never a RantWoman favorite.

After shopping, RantWoman figured maybe walk back upstream along the bus route and catch the 66 downtown.

RantWoman did not bank on construction but definitely a courteous Ask a Human option, a construction in a flashy hi vis yellow vest.

At this point after this and that, RantWoman opted to....head over and catch the SB 48.


it dawned on RantWoman that she can transfer where the 8 and 48 cross and the 8 will take her right home. Better than schlepping the cat food, AND even though RantWoman hears grumbling about the impending demise of the 43  RantWoman watched a bunch of people with grocery bags get on at one stop and RantWoman is REALLY glad a key segment of the 8 will remain as it is.....

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