Thursday, March 24, 2016

Paid Student / Veteran Summer Internships at Metro Apply by March 28

There are several summer internship/veteran position openings, one of which will be working in ADA Compliance is the "Opportunity in Organizing an Event on Assistive Technology." Another position open in our work group is the "Opportunity in Web Application Development."

Metro interns are valued for asking good questions, learning quickly, and writing effectively. Some of these internships will focus on a project already specified by the department, and some will get to decide where their focus will be. Working at Metro is a really unique opportunity to have a direct impact on people's lives and represent many individuals (whose voices may not necessarily be heard otherwise). It's so important that government employees have different backgrounds to create a talented and diverse workforce. These listings expire quickly, so please apply soon.

Click on the link below and hit "Job Details" to read about the different open positions.
Paid Student / Veteran Fellowships at King County Metro 2016-2017

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