Thursday, March 17, 2016

Purple Argyle plus compression plus...

Yep, World, RantWoman is EXACTLY the sort of person who would wear purple argyle socks with an outfit that included plenty of green for #StPatricksDay.

The question on RantWoman's mind this morning: Does Vim & Vigr make compression socks with green for #StPatricksDay?

RantWoman still does not know but since she is not actually buying any socks today, she is simply going to celebrate that for people who nee--or just would find helpful--compression socks from come in purple argyle, various stripes, polka dots, AND, since RantWoman last visited, men's sizes and even 20-30 mmHg for Women and Wide Calf for both men and women, not to mention choices of wool, cotton, nylon, and moisture wicking nylon Not every possible design / color  / size / fabric  combination available as actual socks but really fun to see the expansion of choices.

True, the reason RantWoman was looking up the brand was compliments on her purple argyle socks. The compliments were for the purple argyle, not for the compression but the person admiring the  purple argyle, it turned out, was also interested in the compression because she and her partner are planning long plane trip.

Yeah Purple Argyle!

Yeah, remembering the brand name and finding the url this morning searching via RantWoman's phone to send off to sock admirer.

Yeah, coming back this afternoon to check about the green issue on a big screen with a real keyboard.

Yeah liking and following on RantWoman's social media channels.

Yeah good behavior with Mr. JAWS, though RantWoman was working visually through some of the encounter.

Happy RantWoman, now onto the rest of her brimming inbox.

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