Monday, April 4, 2016

A monthly pass AND a route recommendation

If the only tool one has is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. This week RantWoman is in that position about transit-related info. Here is a hypothetical note to RantWoman's friend Grandma Barefoot who is riding the bus a lot more since she quit driving at least for now while she continues to recover from a stroke.

Grandma Barefoot is just NOT digging the trip planner, or RantWoman is pretty sure the online schedule. Luckily between RantWoman and another crack trip planner user, all sorts of custom bus routings and insights are coming Grandma Barefoot's way.  Here is the next chapter in her attainment of bus prowess!

Dear Grandma Barefoot

Congratulations on getting your first monthly pass purchased through the website. I am not surprised that you are riding the bus enough to make it worth the price, and I personally find passes SO much easier for unlimited service to deal with than thinking about transfer windows and having to pay again halfway home and problems like that. I am glad we made it through the website. If you had been any more frustrated, I probably would have told you to chill out and call someone who gets paid to help people on Monday. But in celebration of progress, another unsolicited hint.
Consider the Route 50. It runs every half hour Mon-Sat and I did nto look up what it does on Sundays.

You can look it up online at but just guessing, I bet you might find a printed schedule easier to deal with. You can probably get one of those at the library or a couple other nearby locations. Or...RantWoman can throw one in her RantWoman bag and hand deliver next time we see each other.

[Here are some good locations to catch the bus each direction]

Eastbound it goes over near the entrance to Seward park if you want a walking excursion.  From there it goes back to the Othello Street station. [Grandma Barefoot used to like to drive to Seward Park for a long walk; these days, Grandma Barefoot is a lot less enthusiastic about anything the least bit hilly.
Westbound the Route 50 goes over to W Seattle where there are a couple places RantWoman knows are sometimes on Grandma Barefoot's itinerary,like her grandkids' house!

Anyway, consider this an invitation to ask more if you are interested.




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