Saturday, April 30, 2016

May we send a car? Times 2

This week  RantWoman had TWO opportunities to have someone dispatch a ride-share for transportation to and fro. RantWoman actually finds the whole phrase "may we send a car?" somewhat culturally unfamiliar and definitely is experimenting with the concept.

In the first case, RantWoman graciously accepted. Travel to less than familiar environs across Lake Washington would be faster than on a bus. Travel would start and end midday, after morning peak and before afternoon peak traffic. RantWoman did not have to feel awkward about adding another vehicle to already clogged roadways. RantWoman had charming conversations with both drivers about matters of mutual interest. The first driver got out of the car and asked for RantWoman. On the return trip, RantWoman's chaperone helped connect with the vehicle. At this rate one of these days RantWoman MIGHT even consider downloading some rideshare apps and consider booking on her own.

In the second case, for a trip into downtown at rush hour things did not go so well.

First RantWoman declined the offer of a ride on the grounds that it is silly to bring another vehicle into downtown Seattle at rush hour on a Friday, even if there is not a home Mariners game, even if traffic is not already extra constipated for the first let's try to get some kinks out day of two weeks of #99closure.

It IS silly to add a car downtown under all those circumstances. RantWoman figured a bus already headed to downtown on a route that enjoys 6 or 10-minute headway at that time of day would be fabulous.

RantWoman was dazzled by the sunshine and did not reckon with the option of a fast ride from her inaccessible to manual wheelchair users bus stop to the Mount Baker Light rail station and then a zippy ride on the train downtown. Nooooo. RantWoman wanted sunlight and wind in her hair, and Bus Community. RantWoman does not regret any of that, especially the Bus Community.

RantWoman opted for the two-block walk to another bus stop. To the extent that RantWoman has an exercise regimen, walking to and from bus stops is a big part of it.

RantWoman did not reckon with her own ability to leave later than she intends.

RantWoman did not reckon with traffic.

RantWoman did not reckon with the large number of people waiting to get on the bus. The waiting masses included several other blind people. RantWoman could tell the bus was already close to SRO. RantWoman figured another bus would be along soon and opted to waid. SILLY RantWoman.

RantWoman waited.

and waited

and waited...

as more people collected at the bus stop

and waited...

FINALLY the bus came.

RantWoman got on with thanks to someone who offered RantWoman a seat. Getting on the bus, RantWoman tends to be in fog mode: focus what pathetic visual attention she has on getting to a seat not on who might be sitting nearby. RantWoman sat and listened and realized she knew other passengers, other blind people!


Time came for RantWoman to "deboard," currently fashionable transit speak for "get off the bus."

Here's where the bus community comes in: the bus was stopped and rantWoman was already standing in a way that the other blind people whose voices she recognized could hear her. Greetings all around and inquiries about RantWoman's errand, to talk about Rideshare with a rideshare company.

Don't forget to talk to them about seeing eye dogs!


Dear RideShare Drivers,

No, you do NOT get to drive right past passengers just because they have seeing eye dogs. No you do NOT!

But sigh, RantWoman was so late for this invitation to opine that the person running the panel suggested we just reschedule. Agreed! And yes, RantWoman WILL still talk  seeing eye dogs. Stay tuned.

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