Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Give Big!

RantWoman is on a roll.

Recently for two fundraising moments in her faith community, RantWoman has offered contributions in the form of pointed email saying:

1. RantWoman does not have a lot of money to contribute

2. In lieu of financial contributions here is some free advice.

Could this sort of pointed email POSSIBLY have anything to do with general vexation in the realm of RantWoman and her faith community. Never mind.
GiveBig Seattle Foundation logo

Today RantWoman offers the same gesture in honor of the Seattle Foundation #GiveBig campaign.      #giveBig through the Seattle Foundation

RantWoman's free advice is based on Twitter, her favorite communication stream for those with short attention span.

The free advice: please try to avoid making RantWoman gripe.

--If you are going to tweet your appeal, you need to grab RantWoman's attention in the tweet and back it up or expand what you say with a link. Clearly tell RantWoman something about what your organization does.

--In one case, an organization where perhaps the person doing the tweeting might be less experienced than staff at other organizations the tweet not only flubbed the clear hook in the Tweet test, it also sent RantWoman straight to the donations page and nowhere could RantWoman find any description either of that project or, should RantWoman's attention wander, any of the other projects. RantWoman has since looked again and knows that there is a select box so someone moved by a Tweet could look for the organization mentioned in the tweet OR one could review the whole list of organizations and choose others as well.

--Accessibility counts: RantWoman interacted with one text in graphic tweet. Besides the text in graphic point, the contrast in the graphic was so poor that RantWoman could barely pick text out of the box. No, Of Course no one expects RantWoman to be able to read anything. She is legally blind after all, but RantWoman assumes that the tweet is also intended to reach sighted people. They are more likely than RantWoman to have money, money they are less likely to donate if they cannot read the graphic. Word!

A GiveBig Graphic just to show that it was successfully downloaded and unzipped

--Do not overdo the gratitude: on Twitter clicking Like is easier for RantWoman than having to read a thank you Tweet and click Like on it!

Here RantWoman must acknowledge an eccentric RantWoman mental hiccup. RantWoman understands the point of doing one's organizational campaign in order to earn matching funds. RantWoman knows the Seattle Foundation is a big and worthy force in the world of Seattle Philanthropy. And RantWoman's mental hiccup is STILL that she might not automatically want to share a donor list with the Seattle Foundation in order to collect match.

RantWoman has noted that mental hiccup and has not actually consulted the Seattle Foundation to see what is promised or not as far as the donor list.

And RantWoman had another mental hiccup: RantWoman walks in many circles. RantWoman walks in circles where people definitely do not all think the same way about many topics, even topics near and dear to RantWoman. RantWoman, if she had money would want to support several #GiveBig campaigns. More to the point, rantWoman would be glad for SOMEONE to get that for instance blind people support all kinds of organizations and so do people who care about homeless and the environment and transportation!

Mostly RantWoman just encourages her readers to #GiveBig to the causes of choice!
And furthermore...RantWoman DID go look at the site and WILL aim to interact earlier int eh process next year.

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