Friday, June 24, 2016

Cracked? Not anymore?

Yesterday on the B line RantWoman had one too many apologetic conversations with fare inspectors. RantWoman's ORCA card has been responding appropriately when tapped about one time out of 4 or 8 for several days.

Luckily, RantWoman's public transit odyssey of the day included a routing that took RantWoman past the Metro offices with time to stop in and replace the faltering technology. RantWoman so would not mind opportunities also to collect data about things she would FIX if given the opportunity.

RantWoman appreciates the clerk saying that RantWoman's card is in fact cracked. RantWoman finds that an entirely acceptable explanation for why the thing does not work. Friendly Clerk was able to transfer but this month's and next month's passes. Friendly Clerk was NOT able immediately to transfer the contents of RantWoman's ORCA wallet. Friendly Clerk said it will take 9 days or so.

Please excuse RantWoman but what genius invented a use case that makes that acceptable?  RantWoman STILL is not inclined to tote around a lot of quarters. What if the RantWomen decide to take another trip to Tacoma? What if the RantWoman decide to brave rampant construction  on the waterfront and try to take a ferry somewhere?  What if RantWoman lands on a bus and needs to pay more than her pass? What if RantWoman wants to plan an excursion with Irrepressible Nephew or an out-of-town visitor? WHAT IF, indeed? True, RantWoman does keep insisting that it should be possible to pay other people's fares out of her ORCA wallet and this possibility also is a challenge on planet ORCA?

Ahhh, but now that RantWoman's ORCA card reliably elicits the expected noises every time RantWoman brandishes it, even in its usual carrying pocket, what ELSE must RantWoman comment on. RantWoman appreciates that RantWoman's new card registered automatically in RantWomans account. RantWoman also appreciates that the transactions on RantWoman's previous ORCA Card still show up in the record on RantWoman's account.

And due to all these successes, RantWoman is once again trying to wrap her brain around what to expect as far as fares. Remember the rantWomen's trip to Tacoma. RantWoman THINKS the transactions reflect payment for both inbound and outbound legs of the trip. But RantWoman is wondering whether the posted additional charge is too little, just right or too much.

RantWoman, admittedly, could have MUCH worse conundrums, but she is just wondering...

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