Monday, June 13, 2016

HOME from the Symphony

Last weekend the RantWomen thoroughly enjoyed a symphony concert. This is thanks to the generosity of Comp Symphony Tickets Friend, a longtime confidante of RantWoman's.

RantWoman will riff on matters of comp concert ticket another time. Here rantWoman only wants to meander around in her usual transportation thickets.

For the RantWomen it's EASY to go TO the Symphony on the bus, but getting home on the bus is less delightful. RantWoman will spare readers details of timing and evening bus populations. RantWoman means simply to note: After the Symphony is probably a time frame when taking Uber, checking out UberPool is something the RantWomen should seriously consider.

See, RantMom qualifies for paratransit; RantWoman does not. RantWoman thinks neither of the RantWomen qualify for taxi scrip, coupons for discounted taxi service. Since we get to the Symphony on comp tickets, it's safe to assume some budget constraints, but...

RantWoman realized Uber options need more attention while waiting with RantMom for CompTickets Friend to pull up in her chariot and provide chauffeur service. RantWoman has Uber credit. RantWoman has the app half downloaded. RantWoman's head was too full of concert program and looking out for RantMom to deal with app at that moment, but RantWoman definitely needs to give it a try....oh, and probably Lyft too.

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