Thursday, July 28, 2016

Ballot appreciation and continuing NON-endorsements

Fast Election commentary and a couple RantWoman emphatic NON-endorsements

GOOD LORD there are a LOT of people running for some offices.

Governor: RantWoman finds perennial candidate GoodSpaceyguy highly entertaining. No, this does NOT mean RantWoman wants him to become governor any more than RantWoman has wanted him elected to any of the other positions he has run for. RantWoman does appreciate again seeing his name on the ballot.

US Senate: RantWoman emphatically does NOT endorse well-known Seattle gadfly Alex Tsimmerman for US Senate. RantWoman congratulates Mr. Tsimmerman for making it through an ENTIRE 5-minute statement without a single profanity. Now, RantWoman really wants to encourage Mr. Tsimmerman to find a native English speaker to edit and then to use a teleprompter. RantWoman herself appreciates SOME evidences of diverse background but RantWoman thinks people inclined to agree with Mr. Tsimmerman's views would find the views easier to understand if there were a little less word salad. No, RantWoman does not mean these suggestions as any support forDonald Trump; however, RantWoman would give the same advice to a candidate whose views she agrees with if the person had the same issues.

Now, back to ....

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