Thursday, July 21, 2016

Convention Site Comparison Shopping: ADA? AD-what?

RantWoman for no obvious reason except perhaps distracting herself from actual events at the Repullikan Nashenal Convention, has decided to do some comparison shopping about accessibility  and ADA as presented by the two major party websites.

As usual when search engines are involved there are ways to go astray.

RNC accessibility


Options for several font sizes AND options for multiple color / contrast presentations.


Oh Wait! Oh wait, It's the Royal National College for the blind. O those wacky Brits. But that does explain the accessibility measures since MANY British official sites have accessibility features built in. If the Brits can do it...?

The search string also yielded items about business accessibility during convention and some other items RantWoman has no interest in.

Back to this side of the pond. RantWoman tried

Can you find the actual RNC ada info in this FAQ page?

RantWoman can only bear so much of the live broadcast but so far has heard NO evidence that anyone is speaking through a sign language interpreter, or through any other kind of interpreter either for that matter.

Ahhhh, but the democrats:


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