Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Judkins Park Find It Fix It Walk: Opinions!

RantWoman is probably going to miss tonight's #FindItFixIT walk in Judkins park with Mayor Murray but since RantWoman, Little Sister in her wheelchair, Brother in Law with his bad back, Irrepressible Nephew and RantMom, along with all sorts of mobility-challenged neighbors  all vigorously participate in the travel environment in the area, RantWoman humbly offers some jottings to feed into the process.

RantWoman aspires to tighter editing; RantWoman thanks her readers in advance for coping. If anything is too inscrutable, leave a comment and RantWoman can follow up.

Random notes to get started
18th in terrible shape and big potholes in front of St Mary's and in street on way to food bank.

Big trucks because of the franz bakery. NIce that they do not seem to travel in the middle of the day but does the street need reinforcement so it doesn't crumble under the weight of the trucks?

23rd and Judkins:
YEAH for new concrete between the sidewalk and the curb by the bus stop on the SW corner. Now if the same thing could happen on the bus stop going the other direction on the SE side of the corner.

NE side of the corner: some serious crumbly #crappycurb issues in the crosswalk.

Out of scope of #FindItFixIt but on rantWoman's list anyway.
(See, see, world, RantWoman DOES SOMETINES understand the concept of in scope vs out of scope!)

The bicycle freeway, design for the Rainier Ave / 23rd Ave Light Rail station, now somewhere between 60% and 75% design completion.

--1 elevator on Rainier side means one set of passengers will have to cross tracks. So far changes add yellow raised bumps for deaf-blind riders. RantWoman has not tracked down the right design to have more opinions about speed issues for people who just move slowly and maybe have not been trained in the mobility skills assumed of a vigorous working age person. RantWoman has been assured by one person who now has a different job that the planned pedestrian amenities assume trains are moving slowly at that point entering or leaving the station. RantWoman also tartly notes that one elevator at all is an improvement over ramps that are too steep for some wheel chair users she knows who simply board the buses  that serve the current I90 freeway stop from other locations.

RantWoman has chatted with a different person about not having to rebuild exizxiting overpass and needing to fit elevator into space somehow. RantWoman is not an architect. or an engineer. RantWoman also tracked down these two people because of running into them at public events, public events not related to their job responsibilities, but still.

RantWoman has also had conversations about the bicycle freeway, the 23rd Avenue side of the station and people of all kinds of abilities who RantWoman expects to be using that station. Again, RantWoman has not looked in detail at designs but RantWoman has enough experience walking in the I90 tunnel at different times of the day to think this nexus at the proposed station entrance will need more attention.  RantWoman wants to know how routing will work so lowly pedestrians do not get tangled up in the bicycle freeway.

There. RantWoman has more opinions but this is more than enough to get started.

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