Sunday, August 14, 2016

Vote Total fantasy

RantWoman is deeply touched and amused to learn that perennial candidate for something or other GoodSpaceGuy scored over 12,000 votes in the August 2 primary. RantWoman did not learn this by downloading a PDF file of all the results and using her search bar. RantWoman learned this about GoodSpaceGuy via her Twitter feed. RantWoman is not even going to chronicle the accessibility pains involved. Instead RantWoman is going to fantasize.

RantWoman has a weird fantasy life, at least the part she is willing to tell the internet about. In this case the weird fantasy life involves the part where RantWoman IT geek expresses the wish that information she craves were presented in simple format easily digestible to RantWoman.

What would make RantWoman absurdly happy in the reporting of election results:

See this link to the Secretary of State election page:

Now add the vote totals to the links for each candidate. RantWoman imagines interim totals and when the election is certified a final total to replace the interim totals.  RantWoman would like to read down the list of candidates and see vote totals next to each name. RantWoman might also like a link on the page for each race that breaks the vote down by votes case on mail-in ballots and votes case in person / by accessible Voting unit.

RantWoman thinks it would be possible to do the same thing for local races.

There. RantWoman has now stated her fantasy. She would be happy either to play Captain Picard and just say "Make it so" OR to at least listen to why Make it So is ....


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