Monday, October 17, 2016

Reunion by Skype?

RantWoman means to offer the world a number of moments from her recent family reunion but the moments are not getting recorded as fast as RantWoman would prefer.

We chose TACOMA. Yes we did! Stay tuned for more on that choice.

Tonight's moments, summoned in connection with Sunday Supper with RantMom, theme food baked delicata squash rings.

--RantMom and her siblings, various combinations of spouses and people from RantWoman's generation have been meeting about every two years for a couple decades. Now everyone in RantMom's generation is past 70 and travel sounds less like fun.(There would also be some, uh, event planning oopses on the part of the RantWomen.)

So Youngest Aunt is suggesting Skype in lieu of travel...

Considering options for lip reading and multiple people with hearing loss, RantWoman can definitely see how something visual will be a better idea than, say, conference calls. RantWoman even has Skype on her phone but has RantWoman tried it? Nope!

RantWoman  does not want to speculate about availability of webcams for the flip phone crowd but does suspect most of the households have some tech support options at home. Considering the telecommunications technologies appearing at the reunion, though, RantWoman is, um, cautious.

One person besides the RantSisters has a smartphone: RantMom.

Three people have flip phones.

One person also has an 11-year-old digital camera.

One person favors disposable cameras though tonight RantWoman spent a bit of time trying to tutor about the camera  / photography options available on RantMom's smart phone.

RantWoman has a Motorola Droid; RantMom has a Samsung.

Holy convoluted interface Batman!

Possibly RantWoman should have turned on Talkback. Possibly, but why would that be any fun when one can hold the phone really close, squint hard, and see almost enough to tell RantMom what to press and where to try.

One problem as an aside: RantMom's phone is not picking up anyone's voice. IT rings fine but nothing gets picked up by the microphone. RantWoman suggested calling tech support. RantWoman needs to make a different suggestion. Otherwise RantMom will call but the tech support line will not hear her. Urk.

On the way to not fixing the microphone (?) issue, RantMom was chatting about pictures from the family reunion. In particular one of the docents at the Museum of Glass helped take some pictures on RantMom's phone and tonight RantMom wanted to show them to RantWoman.

RantWoman found the camera. RantWoman managed to shoot some random pictures. RantWoman handed the phone and some instructions off to rantMom who also succeeded in shooting some pictures.

Then RantWoman found the gallery app. After much fussing and poking RantMom accidentally managed to summon photos with several dates including the ones RantMom had in mind of Irrepressible Nephew at the Museum of Glass.

Okayyyy. RantWoman has no idea how that happened. Nevertheless, RantWoman will tomorrow encourage RantMom to try to look for pictures again. RantWoman will be thrilled if RantMom remembers enough from tonight that she can repeat tonight's success.

And about that reunion by Skype...?

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