Friday, October 28, 2016

Shop This!

Dear Internet

I suppose you are interested in informed, incisive or just inflammatory comments about the FCC's new internet privacy rules:

Or perhaps one should look at how Seattle's cable privacy law was way ahead of the FCC.
Seattle’s Cable privacy law at SMC 21.60.825, which was enacted in 2002.

You are out of luck, sort of. Today RantWoman needs to opine about SHOPPING and may or many not get to how her shopping realities interact with her willingness to share info about herself or to deal with info streams that share whether or not RantWoman has combed fine print and figured out consent options.

The internet clearly gets from multiple searches that RantWoman is looking for a simple black jumper in a size and length suitable for RantWoman realities.

In virtually all of RantWoman's info streams, email, Facebook, google, Doodle... RantWoman sees a lot of her 4x magnified screen space occupied by various dress specimens, accompanied by variable verbiage:

Jumper? apparently not  or not this year.

Sleeveless sheath? 

Midi Length?

"Maxi length" that turns out to be the length RantWoman wants?

Tank Dress?  RantWoman finds the phrase "Tank Dress"  deeply amusing: RantWoman THINKS she is comfortable dealing with the body she has. RantWoman thinks this until the word "tank" comes up. Word!

RantWoman also THINKS she is willing to put up with distractions from her task and invitations to deviate from linear workflow. RantWoman THINKS this but again RantWoman has to draw the line: If you are going to show RantWoman an image of something that you think maybe she is looking for, then PLEASE, when you provide a link, provide a link to the EXACT product being displayed. DO NOT ask RantWoman to scrape her fragile eyeballs and annoying screen reader all over your entire website! Do Not! Trust RantWoman on this: RantWoman is more than distractible enough, if she goes to your website, also to be tempted by the "you might also like" links. But wasting RantWoman's time is a REALLY fast way to get RantWoman turned off about your brand. Word!

Thank you for noting these concerns.




Oh Joy! Awesomeness.

The internet is regulated by the FCC.

Services like Google are regulated by the Federal Trade Commission. Does this mean no matter what I tell my ISP, as soon as I connect to a specific service, I get to deal with a whole new set of hopefully opt-in options?

Full Disclosure: RantWoman has an android phone. RantWoman is less fussy than she might be about data  sharing but preferences depend on the ap..

But back to shopping.

Dear Google,

Thank you ever so much for asking me whether I have seen the same add too many times.

Thank you, cough, for demanding only one response:

--Yes the ad covers content.

--Yes, I have seen the ad too many times.

--Yes, I am annoyed that the ads are not sufficiently tailored for what I want.

--No I have not bought the item.

--Sure, keep trying!



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