Sunday, November 13, 2016


RantWoman's signed Ballot Envelope
From the curled up edged depths of RantWoman's drafts folder, while RantWoman tries to shepherd together something coherent from the actual results.

The RantWomen done VOTED,in time to get ballots into the mail weeks ago.

Set the Stage:
RantWoman arrived a little early for the usual Sunday supper with RantMom. RantWoman came toting the main course but the RantWomen were not quite ready to eat yet. Instead RantWoman pulled out a magnifier and fat pen and the RantWomen plunged into the side of the ballot with the candidates on it.

The soundtrack: Classic King. Something noodly and Baroque with bassoon continuo in inadvertent homage to the long deceased RantDad. Later Villa Lobos and something East European by someone from Brno. RantWoman was surprised the Classic King host seemed to have trouble with Villa Lobos' name, but never mind: this is about the voting.

Mind-altering substances? Nope! Ice water. RantWoman thought of wanting a stiff drink but stiff drinks are not to be had at RantMom's house and RantWoman did not think to bring anything stiffer than ice water.

The menu, trademarks intended; RantWoman's turn to "cook," though RantMom promised the dessert
carved turkey footlong with cranberry mustard on 9-grain bread
Sweet potato soup which would have been boring without dried cranberries and whole grain Goldfish crackers.
Homemade apple crisp

The olfactory experience: RantMom has a new burner. RantWoman who does not pay attention to burners in other people's houses innocently set the pan for warming ont eh soup on the new burner. The resulting odor of electronics seems like the perfect olfactory metaphor for hot mic tapes, email scandals, and media sucked down a vast tunnel of vapidness. Yo teams! Y'ALL can do better.

President? Do you have to ask?

Senator: Do you have to ask?

Congressional Representative: the RantWomen both live in Adam Smith's district so do you have to ask?

Lieutenant Governor: "just vote for the blind guy" is definitely a great problem to have. Honestly, RantWoman has observed retiring incumbent Brad Owen being, please excuse RantWoman for excessive bluntness, DULL AS PASTE while presiding over the Senate. RantWoman read a press article from early in the fall where Mr. Owen lectured Sen. Habib about how basically that is the job description; Sen Habib presented Constitutional analysis sufficient to convince RantWoman he knows what he is getting into. RantWoman wishes it were in the cards for Sen. Habib to become Senate majority leader but hopes he will be able to help move things past the Senate's partisan constipation about virtually everything.  RantWoman frets that Sen. Habib has too much personality for the job but she enthusiastically endorses him and not just because he is the blind guy!

Secretary of State: RantWoman respects Sec. Wyman for taking the time to pursue a specific certification related to her job. RantWoman heard interesting ideas from Councilmember Podlodowski but they seemed more visionary and technologically gee whiz than many counties in WA can carry out. Then RantWoman went back and forth about partisan considerations and the smell of partisanship in the campaign. Then RantWoman just shut up and the RantWomen made up our own minds. Whoever gets elected needs, however, to borrow from her opponent's

District Court judges: RantMom does not know what happened to her second half of the voters' Guide. RantWoman did NOT want to print out 150 pages of something she received in PDF RantWoman thought of consulting her phone for Stranger vs Seattle Times Bakeoff? Then the RantWomen decided that it has to be fine sometimes just to punt.

After supper, the initiatives
Advisory Votes? NOPE, RantWoman thinks people get elected to do jobs and RantWoman STILL refuses to second guess them even when there is a tax increase involved.

Proposition 1, #St3: Do you have to ask? RantWoman thinks the proposed package is a bit of a Christmas tree with more parking garages for instance than rantWoman would be crazy about. However, RantWoman thinks it long past time for the different counties of the Puget Sound to invest in things that knit the region together.

Here RantWoman will stop with one further shout out: RantWoman is THRILLED that she can get results in a simple txt file instead of a PDF that is hard to work with. RantWoman so far has not downloaded the results but is very grateful for the opportunity to do so.

As RantWoman types the world's stomach is churning about the results of the Presidential elections. Enough said. Stay tuned.

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