Thursday, December 29, 2016

Party like it's ...2016

Yep, a few more more seconds of daylight today than yesterday. PARTY!
RantWoman's Christmas Tree

RantWoman believes in the 12 days of Christmas. For instance, RantWoman means to compile an annual missive, but in the meantime she will procrastinate collecting other moments from the year.

RantWoman is feeling VERY grateful for young AmeriCorps participants who organized a great party for the Full Life Care Solistice participants and random drop-ins from the Star Center  / Friendly Neighborhood Center for Extreme Computing. and even managed to get RantWoman interested. See, RantWoman is not exactly a naturally bubbly party organizer in the first place and it just would not particularly even occur to RantWoman to go look for a fun crafts project and see how to involve...

--Email to ask for picture of RantWoman with Santa claus and some reindeer antlers.

--Decorate graham cracker / gingerbread house. Gummi worms along the dormer, mini marshmallows cut in half for dormers on the roof, gum drops cut in half for windows on all walls, and a clump of gummi bear choristers in front to serenade the party.

Gingerbread House

--Compose admiration of Chief Morale Officer at the friendly Neighborhood Center for Extreme Computing while someone else helps her decorate her gingerbread house.Forget it. That gets to be another post; that is why it's the 12 days of Christmas.

Whose mood would NOT improve around this smile?
Chas, the Chief Morale Officer

Chas and a volunteer working on Chas's house

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