Tuesday, January 24, 2017


RantWoman desperately wants to consider herself a patriotic believer in democracy, peaceful transfer of power and other concepts straining RantWoman's soul in the face of present realities. At a minimum RantWoman would SO like to find something positive and constructive to say 4 days into the new regime.

To hell with such aspirations.

RantWoman is going to receive the new regime in her capacity as language geek.

1. NO REPORTER who cannot do interviews in at least two languages EVER gets to make fun of the current Mrs. Trump's accent or her imperfect English. RantWoman would consider it sporting to look up how many languages the current Mrs. Trump speaks / has studied , but tonight RantWoman is not that sporting. Stay tuned.

2. RantWoman is pretty sure that if asked, famed sex advice columnist Dan Savage would advise the current Mrs. Trump DTMFA. RantWoman has no opinion about the likelihood of Mrs. T doing so but mentions the term in the interest of linguistic propagation. RantWoman recommends readers unfamiliar with the acronym use search engines.

3. As a public service RantWoman has resolved to compile and catalog terms she observes being used in reference to @realdonaldtrump  @potus

Tonight's entries:

The Cheeto

The thin-skinned small-fingered Cheeto

The Orange One

Orange Foolius

The White House Occupant

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