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Making SeaTac the most accessible airport in the world.

RantWoman here collects a series of email excerpts and invitations for public participation about making SeaTac Airport "the most accessible airport in the world" partly in preparation for Seattle to host the 2018 Special Olympics.

RantWoman apologizes for sloppy editing but wants to collect info and contact info and then will post her own opinions separately.

February 26 Email
You may know SeaTac Airport is the greenest in the country, something we should all be proud of.  As some may recall, I November 2015, I challenged Commissioners with the Port of Seattle to build upon that excellence and make SeaTac the most accessible airport in the nation for people with disabilities.
Two weeks ago, the Port announced the steps they are taking to achieve this goal. Our Port Commissioners are exceedingly enthusiastic and engaged with this!
They are moving quickly and rightly so: Seattle is host to the US Special Olympics in August 2018! The Port has engaged the Open Doors Organization ( to conduct the assessment that will lead to the action plan.
Did I mention this is on the fast track? The assessment is to be finished by late April. That means we are setting up meetings with those interested in making things better at SeaTac Airport for people with disabilities.
Please let me know if you can attend one of these meetings, which will be held at the Airport:
·       Tuesday 2/28 afternoon, approximately 1:30 – 3:30
·       Wednesday 3/1 morning, approximately 9:00 – 11:00
·       Thursday 3/2y morning, approximately 10:00 – noon
ASL interpreters will be available.
If you cannot attend but wish to provide insight and advice, please send me all your suggestions.
There will be a couple of rounds of these meetings over the coming month, including meetings with seniors and non-English speakers. We want as many voices, experiences and opinions as we can, especially with those who are frequent or experienced travelers who have found great things in other places.
Feel free to share this with your networks!
Thank you for your help.
Cindi Laws
Member, Airport Customer Accessibility Board
Commissioner, Seattle Commission for People with disAbilities
Member, King County Mobility Board
Cindi Laws
Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Association of Washington
PO Box 69003
Seattle WA 98168
A Nonprofit Corporation
UBI 604-053-022
FEIN 81-4441845

February 27 email. 
  • Tuesday, Feb 28, 2:00-4:00, SeaTac Airport Office Building, 4th Floor, Conference Room
    • Note: there is no ASL interpreter available at this meeting
  • Wednesday, Mar 1, 9:00-11:00, SeaTac Airport Office Building Conference Center, Mezzanine Level, Amsterdam Room
  • Thursday, Mar 2, 10:00-noon, SeaTac Airport Office Building, 4th Floor, Conference Room 4A

Find the Conference Center at the south end of the terminal, behind the international ticket counters/check-in area. An elevator is available behind the stairway that connects the ticketing level with the mezzanine—it’s signed, but not visible, so can be hard to find.

Attendees should check in at the mezzanine-level receptionist desk

At the receptionist desk, attendees will get a visitor’s badge that will give them access to the office elevators and proceed to the 4th Floor on Tuesday and Thursday. The Wednesday meeting is on the mezzanine (reception) level. Parking in the airport garage will be validated at the end of the meeting at the receptionist desk when attendees check out.



Cross the long pedestrian causeway and enter the airport terminal in the parking garage.  If you need assistance, there is a button inside the entrance to that causeway that will call a motorized cart.

Get to the 4th Floor, and take the walkway into the airport terminal.

Turn right and go to the southern end of the ticketing area, past Emirates Airline. Turn to the right - this is the Gina Marie Lindsay area, and there are old biplanes overhead.  Keep turning right and find the stairway or elevator as noted above.

From a Feb 14 email.
In November 2015, I called upon the Port of Seattle to make SeaTac the most ADA accessible airport in the country (we are now the Greenest airport in the country!). This is ultra important: Seattle was awarded the 2018 Special Olympics, to be held in 18 months. And if you were tapped into the Democratic National Convention last August, you may have seen or heard how ill equipped Philadelphia airport and the City of Philly were ill-prepared for hundreds of people who use wheelchairs, leaving those delegates stranded for hours.

Today, at the Seattle Port Commission Meeting (Pier 69, 1 PM), the Port will take action to make SeaTac Airport the best for people with disabilities.

I am enormously proud of the Port Commission for taking this step. If you can, please attend and speak in favor of Agenda item 7A. Call the Commission Office at (206) 787-3034. Or, send a message to Port Commissioners thanking them for doing this.

Here's detail from the memo detailing this step:

"To assure that Seattle-Tacoma Airport is accessible to all people, the Airport is embarking on an assessment of its current level of accessibility, including compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the extent to which Sea-Tac accommodates people with disabilities as part of its overall customer service. The Commission recently stated its interest in making Sea-Tac the “most accessible” airport.

"The Open Doors Organization (ODO) has been contracted to evaluate Sea-Tac’s facilities and operations. ODO will provide recommendations and best-practice solutions for enhancing the usability and accessibility of Sea-Tac for non-English speaking travelers, families with children, travelers with disabilities, and older adults. This work supports the Port’s Century Agenda goal to advance this region as a leading tourism destination and business gateway."

Cindi Laws
Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Association of Washington
(206) 790-4232
PO Box 69003
Seattle WA 98168
A Nonprofit Corporation
UBI 604-053-022
FEIN 81-4441845

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