Friday, March 10, 2017

What? Too soon for the Zombie Apocalypse?

This week in Disaster Preparedness

(RantWoman promises: read on; there WILL be Zombie Apocalypse material, but first...)

RantWoman considers it a GOOD thing not to have any current information about the recent mumps outbreak in King County. If RantWoman were visiting schools in areas where mumps numbers were high, RantWoman might make some effort to check, but RantWoman has plenty else of a public health nature to worry about just trying not to gag over #Trumpcare (or non-care ) proposals.

There has been an outbreak of norovirus at John Muir elementary. A staffperson at The Friendly Neighborhood Center for Extreme Computing  originally reported it as all of Seattle Public Schools. The RantWoman automated #factcheck kicked in: if the whole school district were affected, RantWoman would have heard about it in one of her media streams by the time she got to the Friendly Neighborhood Center. Memo to staff: sharing info can be Good; sharing ACCURATE info is important.

Right in Seattle, the phrase "Snow on the passes " is so surreal. RantWoman sees enough traffic info to get the point that Snoqualmie pass was a MESS. RantWoman also heard comments about snow in outlying areas, but unfocused weather commentary aside, actual snow in Seattle was going to be unfeasible for temperature reasons.

RantWoman is deeply amused by this headline
Good Blow Friday Morning

--RantWoman refers readers to as one resource for meanigns of the word "blow" and reasons why the headline makes RantWoman smirk.

--Again, another #wawx event that does not live up to hyperventilated billing right in Seattle. Fine with RantWoman and RantWoman will need to speak to... about rumor control.

Scheduled series of upcoming disaster preparedness exercises
Quibbles and querulousness:
--The tweet RantWoman first saw promised #Zombie #Apocalypse, but that theme is months out.

--It's Lent and Passover is around the corner. It is never a good season for the level of religious-themed acts of bigotry and vandalism. Strangely though, RantWOman would think twice about the Zombie Apocalypse.

--Churches are NOT the only kind of FAITH communities or Religious Congregations, which are also a different category than Faith-Based organizations.

But enough!

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