Friday, April 14, 2017

Baggage: Hi-vis please

The Queen of Spades
For the record, The Queen of Spades would be just fine with dispatching RantWoman  to purchase her preferred brand of canned cat food, bringing it home, and not having to fill the interwebs with shopping issues. The Queen of Spades got her dinner; now the rest of the world gets opinions about a recent #caturday shopping experience.

First, RantWoman flirts with mail order but really likes the human contact, physical exercise,  and randomness of shopping in person. Amazon Go is not a concept that sounds like fun for RantWoman; sometimes the entire POINT of a shopping trip is some human exchange with a clerk.

Next, RantWoman has been bringing her own shopping bags since the days of the 5 cent discount for one's own bags, long before Seattle's ban on plastic shopping bags.

Here please note the two Before and After time warp shopping bag photos. In particular, the first photo is an regular Trader Joe's canvas shopping bag. RantWoman likes these bags for durability, shoulder straps, and simplicity. RantWoman, though would happily pay about #2.00 more per bag if the one on the left came with the same kind of reflector tape RantWoman has sewn onto the one on the right.

Trader Joe's bags with and without reflector tape
RantWoman goes about--and shops--at all hours. RantWoman is allergic to getting run over. So RantWoman buys shopping bags, finds her needle, thread, needle threader, and sometimes extra magnification sewing glasses. RantWoman gets out her supply of products from Seattle Fabrics, and RantWoman does various things to ensure she is visible in the dark.

In RantWoman's fantasy life, and based on RantWoman's own expertise using sewing machines or thinking about sewing in a manufacturing setting, RantWoman thinks adding reflector tape should be easily feasible during the manufacturing process.

New Fruit Bag. Old bag with reflector tape
Now, consider the next Before and After sequence: one the left a new bag full of exuberant fruit designs  and on the left a grungy worn out bag (from a different store. Shhhh!) that RantWoman also sewed reflector tape onto. In RantWoman's fantasy life, if one is going to print exuberant designs big and bold enough for RantWoman to see on bags, would it MAYBE also be possible to do some of the fruits in hi-vis  ink? RantWoman is just asking.

One more RantWoman peculiarity: yep, sometimes the outside of RantWOman's bags gets grungy. RantWoman launders them occasionally. RantWoman also hands her bags to store clerks fully prepared to put her purchases inside. But store clerks are sometimes squeamish because of the exterior grime. RantWoman thinks she is supposed to appreciate this concern. RantWoman does not know how to react. In fact, RantWoman is WAY more concerned that store clerks divide her purchases fairly evenly among the bags provided and always, always just give RantWoman the bananas so RantWoman is responsible for any damage that occurs in transit as a result of packing issues. Word!

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