Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Merry May Day in various flavors with a side of Accessibility

RantWoman owes the world concise text and is writing some of what is on her mind out to help  organize her thoughts. RantWoman is going to mix Mayday meditations in with the accessibility tour of RantWoman's experience composing this blog post. Scroll down if you just want RantWoman as Protest Curmudgeon insights.

Digital inclusion Framework:
--Access: does the person have the tools and connectivity to use the resources and information systems being discussed. Short answer: RantWoman better have considering her monthly bills and the technological streams she swims in. Longer answer: lots of wonky technology policy that will be too much for the protest scene.

--Content: is the content useful and relevant for the person using the technology. It's Mayday. Some events take place in RantWoman's 'hood or more importantly in Little Sister's front yard. RantWoman will even try to go to some of the events if her schedule permits. There is information relevant to public safety including info RantWoman may want to share with neighbors some of whom use different accessibility tools. There is socially relevant info. And there is RantWoman whose protestor ethos  compels her to speak out about lots of different issues.

--Literacy: does one know enough about the technology and the tools involved to do what is needed? Always a question, but let's wing it anyway.

--Does one have the right accessibility tools for one's needs?
--Does the content one wants to interact with observe common standards intended to make accessibility easily doable?
--If things are not perfect, are there work-arounds and alternative tools?

For example, RantWoman began the text with one, now 2 text in graphics documents extracted from RantWoman's Twitter stream, one an image of a text document and one a PDF but a PDF that does not automatically submit to screen reader processing.

Because the relevant Twitter references will be the fastest path to the documents for some readers , RantWoman offers them here. The offer involves the assumption that RantWoman's readership will know options for saving things like graphics images from twitter, a function RantWoman lately has found under More Options.

Trooper Rick Johnson (@wspd2pio) tweeted at 0:46 PM on Tue, Apr 25, 2017:
WSP in King County preparing for #MayDay
(Text in Image supplied below.)

AlertSeattle (@AlertSeattle) tweeted at 10:59 AM on Wed, Apr 26, 2017:
May Day Tips: click for info on staying safe and
aware. On Monday, follow @SeattlePD, @SeattleDOT, and #MayDaySEA.
PDF file that RantWoman had to use OCR and interact with visually.)

RantWoman adores Twitter on her Smartphone. That is partly because RantWoman's Smartphone comes with a large number of accessibility features built into the phone so that RantWoman does not have to spend hundreds of dollars extra for the tools she needs. That does not mean that every piece of content that comes through RantWoman's Twitter stream is accessible with the tools in her apps or on her phone. In particular, RantWoman has not connected with any OCR options for her phone but does know various ways to move files around, do file conversions if other tools were also in the picture and use "Convenient OCR on her Windows Screen reader. RantWoman had to reread the help files for Convenient OCR and deal with some elements visually but has now read both documents.

RantWoman began this post on her Chromebook. RantWoman is still on the learning curve about how to use accessibility on her Chromebook, but putting out lots of words is high enough value that RantWoman is really happy just to be able to compose and edit in email.

Now, some actual MayDay content.
Time again for what passes for May Day festivities in Seattle.

Morris dance / Maypole options.
RantWoman assumes some exist in Seattle bus has not gone looking.
RantWoman has great esteem for College Housemate friend who teaches Computer Science in a distant state. College Friend is also a committed morris dancer and always posts in social media of her morris dance troupe marking the season with a dance performance and maypole somewhere in their area. That much organized dancing requires people to move in time and to music better than RantWoman usually even aspires to, but RantWoman always enjoys the pictures. RantWoman also enjoys reading of where they perform because the restaurant venues tend to be much more solidly middle America than the militant vegetarian co-op of our college experiences. RantWoman will also be interested to see what Facebook automated picture descriptions do with the Morris Dancer images this year.

In Seattle:
Around Seattle, in recent years there has been a segment of the protestor community who seems to need to use the occasion to break things. Really folks? Really? RantWoman feels no call to argue the ethics of breaking things in protests. RantWoman generally just finds it tiresome, off-message, disagreeable; sometimes RantWoman can also be counted on to have tirades about privilege and endangering people one supposes protestors mean to serve. Plus if you need to break things with brand new implements of destruction, RantWoman is going to want to know who is paying your bills.

Next, here is a statement from the WA State Patrol About blocking freeways. RantWoman's first beef: a link to a document RantWoman can read with a screen reader is nicer than an image RantWoman has to download and apply OCR tools in order to read. In this case, RantWoman did not even interact with the last paragraph of the statement until the above steps happened.

If RantWoman had a crack research team that could work on a reasonable timeline , she would probably be interested in a little more detail about a serious injury crash that happened in the backup resulting from a protest near Bellingham in February. Avoiding serious injury to anyone while protesting is definitely preferable. However, RantWoman has been around enough defensive driving instruction to wonder what driver factors or other circumstances also might have contributed to the serious injury crash. Traffic backups happen for all kinds of reasons: accidents, fallen trees, downed power lines.  The WA State Patrol has also been reminding drivers of the perils of distracted driving, texting while driving, trying to talk on the phone etc. RantWoman urges protestors to be responsible and hope the people injured in the crash are recovering and getting any rehavilitation they need. But RantWoman does not automatically assume the protestors should be blamed for a crash in a backup.

There, now: Get out there and say what you / we need to say. Have a good time. Be safe. Take care of each other. Try to avoid generating more "all protestors look stupid" content on Twitter.

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