Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Paint the Curb Ramps?

Postcards from Sunday Supper.

Tonight's supper menu:

Eggplant Parmesan from the freezer case

Green salad with avocados.

Hot Cross buns

Canned peaches (sometimes the RantWoman are pretty pedestrian)

Wonderful Sesame cookies via a recipe from PCC

Tonight's conversational menu:
--Taxation can be fun. RantMom's theme: her tax preparer's request that she download her return for review. RantMom called RantWoman at a bus stop yesterday for tech support. RantWoman's small list of tricks did not work. Despite RantWoman's assurance that RantMom probably would not be able to break anything, RantMom was not much into RantWoman's suggestion just to click on things willy nilly and see what happens.  So RantWoman suggested just calling the tax preparer on Monday and taking the weekend off from worry.

--A Seattle Times article about curb ramps. RantMom has two things on her mind:

1. Drainage. Can anyone say IT RAINS HERE? Can curb ramps be designed to deal with this reality?

2. Can someone just paint the existing curb ramps that are not likely to get redone anytime soon and are currently the same color as the sidewalk? RantMom says it would make life much easier for her if the ramps got painted yellow or white.

--The Seattle Times further digested regarding concussions in the NFL and lawsuits against the mayor about sexual conduct: the RantWomen seem to agree that there is some aspect of personal responsibility to consider in both cases: people who sign up to get knocked in repeatedly in the head have SOME responsibility for their choice even if their employer is, not to mince words, slime about the situation. And people repeatedly make bad relationship choices for all kinds of reasons. The RantWomen do not want to minimize the aggrieved parties' suffering, but....

--The Supreme Court: The RantWomen, partly because of family ties to CO definitely do not lament that there is a new associate justice from West of Chicago. We are equivocal about the 50 votes threshold. RantMom did not really go into the politics of the filibuster but acknowledges RantWoman's irritation that Pres. Obama's most recent nomination got no hearing at all. RantWoman thinks this is likely to bite the Republicans in the behind at some point. RantWoman thinks they deserve it!

RantWoman further thinks:

--RantWoman wonders how anyone with the sense God gave goats, anyone who has the SLIGHTEST sense of realism about how people cope and help each other out about  weather in CO would think an employer should be able to fire a truck driver who opted to abandon his vehicle and avoid freezing to death in a blizzard.

--The new justice just got overruled, twice, by his new colleagues. This should make for an interesting get acquainted period.

--The current occupant of the White House has openly dissed federal judges that RantWoman wonders how anyone who believes in judicial independence can even accept a nomination from him.

--RantWoman is not deeply schooled in the ways of the Supreme Court but has formed the opinion a number of times that part of what people object to in supreme court rulins is embodied in the terms of legislation. So better drafting seems like something to consider.

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