Sunday, April 2, 2017

Rodent Free? The Windows Edition

Please note: reference to electronic rodents is fond homage to very skilled technologists without college degrees found in some academic computing environments where RantWoman has worked. Long ago when the Apple Macintosh was first on the scene, one of the fulltime staff grumbled about "I hate rodents."

RantWoman honestly has mixed opinions about electronic rodents. Sometimes it is MUCH more convenient to navigate keyboard only without moving hands back and forth between mouse and keyboard.

Okay, RantWoman says this, but RantWoman recently got a new hand-me-down computer and neglected to think about a hand-me-down mouse. RantWoman made it a good long way just tabbing around. RantWoman also has the sense that if she spent time and / or had the right focused training, rodent free would be very handy.

Unfortunately, RantWoman does NOT know keyboard shortcuts nearly as well as she would prefer and so far, as long as RantWoman has options for enlargement and lacks patience, RantWoman, um, er, still gets more done with the rodent. So RantWoman now also has a rodent.

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