Monday, May 15, 2017

Cat food again

If it were up to the Queen of Spades, RantWoman could be dispatched to restock the Cat larder would come home promptly and resume service as cat furniture. RantWoman would not mess around with silly things like eggplant or fresh limes or ensuring that the eggs do not prematurely get scrambled on the way home. And we will not even discuss RantWoman’s need to have post-shopping conniptions.

The Queen of Spades is NOT in charge.

TJ bag and carrot pouch

RantWoman’s conniptions of the day:

--Thank you for handing RantWoman the avocadoes and the bananas. Do not even try to pack them with other items. Just hand them to RantWoman and let RantWoman stow them. That way if something gets squished, RantWoman will feel responsible and will not silently curse random store clerks.

--If RantWoman hands you a bag like the large one in the picture, DO NOT turn it inside out to hide the reflector strips. RantWoman is allergic to getting run over. The reflector strips are THERE FOR A REASON! Even if the outside of the bag is grungy, Rantwoman expects the inside will be fine for receiving groceries. PLUS if it is raining, as it does frequently in Seattle, RantWoman really does NOT want to get the insides of her bags wet.

--That cute little nylon carrot thingie: RantWoman is easily seduced by nylon bags that can go into other bags. RantWoman GREATELY appreciates rubber bands to hold egg cartons closed in transit, but it turns out the carrot pouch opens and then wraps and ties nicely to contain the eggs. At least it works so far.

‘kay? Thanks Bye

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