Thursday, May 4, 2017

Chromie, evening companion

Chromie tonight: RantWoman is composing in Windows because after tonight's disconnectivity adventures, RantWoman is much too verklempt to try to write anything on Chromie, RantWoman’s new Chromebook

 Please note: Chromie is having gender identity issues. RantWoman is not prepared to deal with the gender of an electronic device and therefore will attempt to avoid pronouns.

 RantWoman is at home with the Queen of Spades supervising from the couch. Messing with Chromie is RantWoman’s idea of a wild evening, though less wild than wrangling the science projects in RantWoman’s fridge.

Previously, RantWoman was able successfully to connect Chromie to her home Wifi. RantWOman is unclear what changed.
Chromie with travel sleeve
 Tonight, when turned on, Chromie REFUSED to connect to RantWoman’s home Wifi. RantWoman did several measures to re-enter the key. RantWoman dialed tech support and learned that the automated call handler at Beloved TeleComm co can now look up the password for RantWoman’s Wifi and send it in a form way more accessible to RantWoman than her magnifier and the teeny tiny print on the modem’s sticker. RantWoman entered this code several times. RantWoman found the button to display and therefore read the password. RantWoman KNOWS she entered the password correctly. RantWoman  and Chromie will visit the wifi  at The Friendly Neighborhood Center for Extreme Computing  tomorrow and see whether it is a general wifi allergy or something unique at RantWoman’s house.

 RantWoman’s Wifi connection works FINE with her phone. After testing this RantWoman set the phone back to 4G and thought of trying to tether Chromie through her phone. RantWoman did not come up with a way to find Chromie’s MAC ID either via the OS or via all the paper that came with Chromie.  RantWoman will revisit this another day.

 Despite being unable to connect to the Internet, RantWoman managed to bang around in settings and load info related to Russian and Spanish keyboards.  RantWoman managed to do this without sending Chromie off to exotic lands where RantWoman would add second language issues to her other UX realities.

RantWoman WOULD though like it VERY much if both Chromie and her phone would give RantWoman the option of specifying languages where she would like Chromevox or Talkback to read the text in the language it is written in and NOT ask RantWoman whether she wants the text translated. RantWoman is definitely last century enough sometimes to look up words she does not know, but RantWoman prefers to rely on her own brain, not the global electronic hive mind for MANY linguistic niceties.

There. Enough of adventures with Chromie, enough of asking things of the internet for now.

Updates after the fact:

--RantWoman and Google found several links telling RantWoman how to find Chromie’s MAC ID. Has RantWoman actually looked this up and set up the tether to phone option on Chromie yet? Oh heck no. Blame downpours outside and other distractions.

 --RantWoman called Beloved TeleComm Co’s tech support line when it was daylight for RantWoman and sat through several layers of requests to enter the phone number she was calling about, interspersed with exhortations to see whether one can solve one’s problem on Beloved TeleComm Co’s website. Um, if RantWoman cannot connect to the internet, um, how IS that supposed to work?

 --RantWoman made it to a live human at Beloved TeleComm Co's Tech support. Live human instructed RantWoman about how to set up a second Wifi Sign-in, something RantWoman now suspects she might have managed to find herself if she had persisted. Chromie now happily connects to the Wifi and has shown no signs of difficulties at The Friendly Neighborhood Center for Extreme Computing

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of RantWoman and Chromie.

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