Friday, May 26, 2017

Give us this day our daily usability whines

The world is writhing in the throes of the latest global hack, also known as a guerilla effort to map places still heavily reliant on Windows XP and other organizations that do not automatically install every Microsoft update that comes along.

RantWoman can attest that accessibility requirements, version issues for accessibility tools, and proprietary applications and acccessibility customizations are all really big reasons organizations do not automatically install OS updates. RantWoman is going to skip Dial-a-Tirade excursions into politics but IS going to go on a bit about all her usability issues in one fairly ordinary day.

1. Get prescriptions refilled. RantWoman called the pharmacy Tuesday or Wednesday last week. One of the three requested refills happened fairly promptly but the robocall notification did not mention that the others needed refills from the doctor. RantWoman learned this upon picking up the one that got filled. RantWoman did not get the pharmacy called back until after Dr's office business hours on Friday. In the past RantWoman has gotten results by contacting the on-call number on Saturday, but this time RantWoman's weekend was too busy.
RantWoman started her week in her doctor's hold queue. Nothing like an inventory of eye conditions other than one's own to enhance the hold queue experience. Add the obligatory suggestions to log into an online portal. Very funny. If RantWoman remembered her username and password....

RantWoman waited out the hold queue and talked to a nice human about her refill needs. Then RantWoman asked about the online portal issue.

No, the nice human has no way to email a password link to the email RantWoman has on file. So nice human will send snail mail in small print to RantWoman's mailing address.

Does anyone else see the problems with this? Will RantWoman cause earthquakes making a reasonable accommodations request to consider options to do what lots of other electronic entities do and work out an email protocol for password ight? How much free consulting does RantWoman want to provide?

This afternoon RantWoman had an opportunity to do real training in depth with someone who knows LOTS of features of Zoomtext much better than RantWoman. Thent is running Zoomtext and Internet Explorer 11. This means that some of the features RantWoman could have learned about did not work as expected. Ok, good to know the features are there, but not helpful until there is money for a ZT upgrade. Sigh. It was a great class, but...

Now late at night RantWoman is bravely attempting to do blog posts on Chromie. RantWoman's habit frequently is to compose in gmail and then copy and paste. RantWoman did a whole post about beep baseball and even fought Google's tendency to think it knows what RantWoman wants to look up better than RantWoman does. RantWoman found and copied  and pasted links into her draft email. Chromie let RantWoman do select all in the draft email but did not let RantWoman paste her efforts into Blogger. So  this post is being composed inside Blogger. That actually works better with Chromie than it does in Windows. Too much fun. Now RantWoman will attempt a different reading and editing exercise.

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