Monday, May 29, 2017

This is supposed to be FUN?

Lt. Governor Cyrus Habib talks about losing his sight entirely at age 8, in the 1980's. He says that means everyone looks to him like either Cindy lauper or Boy George. RantWoman is unclear whether this is supposed to be fun.

RantWoman's visual memories of the 1980's run highly to  music videos and "this is supposed to be fun."  That is RantWoman was supposed to be having fun while music videos dripped down from some television high over one's head in various nightspots. Supposed to be is the operative concept. Only now, thanks to screen enlargement and YouTube up close has RantWoman had an opportunity to register details of some 1980's videos, let alone the "This is supposed to be fun" angle.

Meanwhile, the "who needs mind-altering substances aspects of RantWoman's visual experience have become way more pronounced. To give readers SOME idea of the rantWoman experience, imagine the following:

--take a random pair of binoculars. Smear both lenses slightly with fingers.

--Now dent the nosepiece so that the two sides send light in slightly different, no-longer-aligned directions. Then perch this aid to focus on your nose.

--Next try to focus both sides at once by turning the viewfinders irregularly and at different speeds

--mix in some random occurrences of grow-your-own-lava-lamp floaters.

Now, just for starters, just do the basics: walk the city. Ambassador Thwack, RantWoman's poorly comported white cane and anger management consultant may or may not be available to help negotiate terrain and teeming masses. Teeming masses SOMETIMES respond to RantWoman vigorously tapping sidewalks.


Ambassador Thwack has a tendency to go AWOL in settings that involve mingling--or dancing. Ambassador Thwack is a particular club-like model of white cane, but RantWoman does not know of a single white cane that she can imagine being good at dance moves.

Next, try to do something a little more visually complex, like forming ever-chaing circles. Or dancing where a caller is getting people to go over and under and cross hands and find hands in the first place and not conk anyone else on the head with one's own limbs.

Do not forget the Grow-Your-Own -Lava-Lamp part. Or the fog and blur.

And this is supposed to be FUN????

Recently RantWoman went to a day-long event with not one but TWO opportunities for this kind of joyful try to connect in fog experience. The first one gets a whole additional tirade elsewhere. The second one, a square dance with a good easy-going caller and participants mostly willing reasonably well coordinated,  went much better.

Do not thank RantWoman.  Thank you Twitter. See, RantWoman did not even try to dance: RantWoman could see and hear enough to get the caller was doing really well with instructions that people seemed to be able to follow. RantWoman was enjoying the music. But RantWoman felt NO need to get tangled up in trying not to conk other people on the head. RantWoman was thrilled to listen to the music and let other people handle the dancing.

See, now. doesn't RantWoman sound like FUN to party with?

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