Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Court of Peeves: Democracy Vouchers, Sugary Drink tax, Fast food lectures

The RantWoman Court of Peeves is hereby in Session:

RantWoman quite likes the idea of Seattle Democracy Vouchers. RantWoman is pretty sure she voted to implement them. RantWoman knows she received her vouchers a few weeks ago. RantWoman received the vouchers but presently has NO idea where she put them. RantWoman suspects she is not the only person with this problem. In RantWoman's rich fantasy life, it MIGHT make sense either to mail out the Democracy Vouchers closer to the primary filing deadline OR to get really crazy and give people including people who might request replacements, the option of designating who the money should go to in some electronic way so that RantWoman does not have to accumulate and / or lose any more paper.

One person with ZERO likelihood of receiving any of RantWoman's democracy vouchers: Jessyn Farrell. Why? RantWoman knows almost NOTHING about Ms. Farrell's positions on ANYTHING and unfortunately RantWoman has ZIP motivation to learn.. RantWoman knows that Ms. Farrell has some very gushy supporters who seem fine about Ms. Farrell resigning from the legislature to run for Mayor. Bluntly that may play fine in the 46th district, but RantWoman does not think it should play well in the rest of Seattle.

It is probably not Ms. Farrell's fault that the legislature is into its second special session with no end in sight, but if one signs up to do one job, especially in a closely divided legislature, RantWoman thinks it is appropriate to stick around until the work is done. But as for choosing among the other 19 (NINTEEN!) people running....

Next we come to the sugary beverage tax. RantWoman is happy to admit, if she is going to drink soda, not a consistent assumption, RantWoman wants her full measure of sugar,  caffeine. and fizz! Most of the time RantWoman actually prefers a lot of ice slightly moistened with soda. RantWoman is happy to acknowledge the nanny state intentions of the new tax: sugary drinks are bad for our health. So are artificial sweeteners, but we don't tax those because wealthier people are more willing to put up with headaches, cancer risk and the vile taste of artificial sweeteners. And heaven help us if we try to tax lattes or bubble tea.

More to RantWoman's main point: the sugary beverage tax is a stupid lame way to finance schools. The tax is regressive with the burden falling most heavily on people already heavily taxed. If the tax works as intended from a public health standpoint, people will cut down their consumption of sugary beverages and the schools will soon be back in the same pickle they are in now. Really folks, Seattle should be able to do better for ALL of our children!

And yet another nutritional confession: recently RantWoman also collected a lecture from her primary care provider food. Look lady, if RantWoman buys things like salad, chili, yogurt parfaits, sandwiches full of vegetables and skips the French fries or saves the baked chips for a snack another time, DO NOT lecture RantWoman. RantWoman is very glad to have some healthy options available and easy to get nearby. RantWoman cooks for herself a lot, but if RantWoman has not gotten around to making her casserole of the week and really needs some fresh vegetables, sometimes the fast food outlets really are the most manageable options!

End of tirades, at least for now.

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