Saturday, July 8, 2017

Kremlinology and Weather Report, more or less

RantWoman is taking a break from the modern-day Kremlinology opportunities to analyze every word of Presidential speeches and reports from #G20 meeting counterparts' news streams to provide the following Terminological and Lexicographical gleanings from RantWoman's interwebs and media streams:

Synonyms for the current President:

Mango Mussolini

Commander in Tweet

Former real estate typhoon
RantWoman has NO idea whether this one is simply the result of someone using speech to text or whether it was intentional. RantWoman considers it too delicious to ignore.

Also thematically topical and somehow weather-related:
"You mess with one snowflake and you get the whole damn avalanche."
See for example  Snowflake according to Urban Dictionary

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