Friday, August 11, 2017

Survey: Central Area Greenways Routing and ...

RantWoman highly recommends that people who live bicycle or "pedestriate"  on Capitol Hill and in the Central District get on the ball and interact with this survey about SDOT's latest proposal for greenway and upgrade of intersections.

The survey has open-ended questions. It has multiple choice questions.  Best of all one can do the sections one can do and move on without some hostile you must answer all questions emanation for doing so. All of this is a GOOD thing.

RantWoman humbly admits she herself is TERRIBLE with surveys. Hand RantWoman a survey, even a fill in the bubbles exercise with absolutely no open-ended questions anywhere and RantWoman will still instantly find a way to stumble  way out of scope and maybe wander into zones where RantWoman could go for world domination.

Here's the problem: the survey is full of a bunch of maps and images of intersection treatments. SOME of the maps have enough text description to tell RantWoman where pieces of the proposed Greenway go. Some of them don't. If RantWoman were obsessed about weighing in regarding the routing, she would probably ask someone to audio describe. Instead RantWoman mostly skipped and will live with whatever gets decided.

RantWoman though cares more about understanding what would happen as far as pedestrian improvements at different intersections. The survey has great images. RantWoman can kind of make out detail but really cannot visualize what will wind up happening. RantWoman developed a fantasy: a small database table where one could put  in generic descriptions of intersection treatments. Then as one made maps an assigned intersection treatments, the maps could have an option that shows:

East -West crossings wide stripe crosswalks

North South crossings ....

Then if someone were building a wayfinding app, there would be data so that RantWoman for instance could follow the green way routing and expect easily to find where the traffic signals were.

See what RantWoman means about world domination and out of scope for this one survey. Thinking scalability though, RantWoman assumes that SDOT is going to need to do similar surveys for other parts of town, so....

Anyway take the survey. Form your own opinions about the greenway proposals... and RantWoman's free consulting wacky fantasy.

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