Saturday, November 17, 2012

Genghis Barbie

Genghis Barbie: Four women playing French Horn. RantWoman received tidings of the quartet from a French Horn player who also  takes extravagant delight in dumping her spit out of her horn all over the floor just like all the guys.

But enough verbiage. Play the music:

RantWoman is deeply amused by the ad that comes with for an "embouchure exerciser: more enduance, power and range guarnteed."

And another one:

The music is fascinating; RantWoman was not fascinted by song lyrics in curly font rolling past without interacting with RantWoman's screen reader. So RantWoman went and looked up the lyrics.

The lyrics make RantWoman feel poetry-challenged; RantWoman MAY just stick to the music.

Through the wonders of YouTube RantWoman further digresses. to an Alphorn duet wiht Attile the Horn and Velvet Barbie! Genghis Barbie is versatile! Check GB out on Facebook too.

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