Thursday, October 16, 2014

FindItFixIT s too long for Twitter

#finditfixit s too long for Twitter:


#finditfixit  More UGLY potholes. The intersection of Rainier Ave S, 23rd and a couple other things all controlled by one stop light cycle. The offending potholes are about bus axle width apart right along the N side of the painted crosswalk across Rainier, lane closest to the W side of Rainier.


RantWoman is THRILLED that a #finditfixit item about #graffitti at a #kcmetrobus stop on the E side of Rainier and Walker has been followed by disappearance of the offending #graffitti. Unfortunately, there is also another piece of #graffitti on the green lighted bus arrival time schedule. This #graffitti is white against the green paint. Begone!


“This is your week on Twitter” Hah! RantWoman’s most-viewed Tweet was a #finditfixit about potholes on a regular RantWoman walking and shopping route. The particular issue is harder to fix than can be solved in a week; RantWoman is meditating about how to rate the attention in terms of insights about digital inclusion but is throwing the comment in here as part of general meditations about wayfinding and potholes.





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