Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Help Name New WA State Ferry

RantWoman is unclear how long this survey will be open: it is designed to collect input for a meeting in November that RantWoman did not look up the date for.

RantWoman thoroughly enjoyed reading the short history of the names proposed and RantWoman ALWAYS likes being asked for her opinion. Enjoy!

Oops. RantWoman has learned that the link in the email text below will think readers are RantWoman and not provide another opportunity to complete the survey. Sigh.
Instead to be offered your own opportunities to weigh in, please sign up at the WA Dept of transportation Voices of WA State link here:

And to those who created the survey, rantWoman does not necessarily apologize for doing it "wrong" and hopes future surveys will imagine the possibility that people want to share particular surveys!

The WA State Transportation Commission (WSTC) needs your help in selecting a name for our newest state ferry that is currently under construction. There are four names under consideration and the Commission would like to hear what your preferences are. So please click on the link below and take this short (3 minute) survey to help guide this decision.

Start Survey

Thank you for your time and input.

Anne Haley, Chairman
Washington State Transportation Commission

Usability notes:
--RantWoman spent slightly more than the advertised 3 minutes on this and would suggest wording the time estimate something like "will take most users about 3 minutes to complete."

--RantWoman is unclear why Mr. JAWS (14 or 15, RantWoman is not sure and not sure that matters)  paired with IE9 read all entries twice. This is not a catastrophic problem especially for something that is ephemeral. That means the content will not last very long. RantWoman means this comment more for people who design automated survey builders than the end users who hopefully use the tools as built and automatically create decent accessibility. RantWoman can live with some variability in experience some of the time, and meditates about which things she most wants accessible.

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