Friday, February 27, 2015

Live long and prosper Leonard Nimoy

In the world of Hello / Goodbye greetings, the Vulcan "Live Long and Propser" of the original Star Trek holds a special place.

In honor of the life and passing of Leonard Nimoy, Mr. Spock, Ambassador Spock...,#LLAP

Thank you Mr. Spock for skipping the plastic surgery and showing us your old face all the way until your death too.

Leonard Nimoy, LLAP

Leonard Nimoy, older

The Queen


Queen Elizabeth, Live long and Prosper

The Pres

Neil DeGrasse Tyson: LLAP

Condolezza Rice
Condolezza Rice LLAP with other text overlaid

And a younger face, just because.

Image available on a bumper sticker

RantWoman long ago got to attend a live college campus lecture by Leonard Nimoy. He spoke of how his last name, Nimoy, is (plus or minus spelling, the Russian / (Ukrainian?) word for mute, conflated with speaker of another language. RantWoman notes that point without further comment, not even about Vulcan mind melds.

Nimoy himself ended Tweets: LLAP

and a blog post with ASCII art.


And should one also need to venerate other Star Trek characters with smileys, a list, mostly from leter series.

A blog post with highly visual content about a reply to a young biracial girl, with appreciation of how far at least some of us have travelled about people of mixed race / mixed ethnicity.

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