Sunday, March 1, 2015

Texting; Thin Mints

The RantWomen had, along with Sunday night supper got to Practice with Smartphones.

Did this include photos of blooming trees in the neighborhood or the grocery store protest RantMom was complaining about? (Digression: RantWoman is way more positively oriented toward protests than rantMom and RantWoman also gets tired of not even being able to tell the point of the protests. Just sayin'!)

Noooo!. No photos of anything tonight from RantMom's Smartphone. The Google image library will have to do.

Thin Mints box

Over tea after closing out supper with dessert of frozen yogurt and Thin Mints, RantMOm mentioned something about texting and RantWoman generously offered to send RantMom a text. RantWoman checked her phone. She has previously sent RantMom a text, but not for a good while. Texting is like a lot of things: probably regular practice helps it stick in brains better. RantWoman typed another text and pressed Send. RantMom's phone made a distinctive bell-ringing sound.

RantMom picked up the phone and the text was visible. There was much fiddling with phone, entering of passcode, peering at teeny tiny icons. RantMom located the app but somehow could not find a way to send a reply text. Sigh. RantWoman did not icons for camera and video and decided a refresher about that would have to wait.

RantMom grumbled about fast-moving one-time lessons wiht super speedy young sales people, on Sundays when all normal RantMoms are IN CHURCH, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Maybe RantWoman will try again tomorrow with another lesson. Maybe.

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