Friday, February 20, 2015

Upcoming Survey on I 405 tolling: Sign up to Participate

RantWoman humbly and enthusiastically encourages people to sign up with the link provided to participate in this survey:

In about a week, the Washington State Transportation Commission will be sending a new survey to you and members of the Voice of Washington State (VOWS) survey panel. The survey will address Future Changes to the I-405 HOV Lanes.

The more people we hear from, the more impact your collective voice will have on decision making at the state level. We need to get as many people involved as possible and could use your help. If you know of any Washington State resident who might want to participate in this upcoming transportation survey, please pass this email along to them.

All they need to do to sign up for the VOWS program is to click on the link below:

We truly appreciate any help you can lend us in getting more people to join the VOWS program and look forward to your participation in our upcoming survey.

Thank you!


Anne Haley, Chairman
Washington State Transportation Commission

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