Monday, February 23, 2015

Bellevue OEM - Ways to Survive (Animated Video)

2:15 of kicky disaster preparedness basics!

There could be worse ways to start one's personal disaster planning.

Grabbed from the tweets after the City of Seattle #SNAPsmem workshop on use of social media and resilience after disasters.

RantWoman is creating a blog post to increase her odds of finding this exact video again. RantWoman will also forward this link a couple directions in connection with recent conversations and RantWoman's flair for cross pollination among the different meetings she attends.

Conveniently , RantWoman also happened to have 3 different occasions last week where having something simple would help a conversation about something more complex.

One bonus from the workshop:

--RantWoman heard live that a FREE workshop on the faith community and vulnerable populations originally set for Feb. 4 at the Seattle Red Cross will be rescheduled on March 4.

--During the last windstorm a tree blew over outside RantWoman's house of worship. RantWoman also thinks there was a brief power outage. RantWoman's house of worship includes several categories of people who are there at different times. Everyone was very lucky the tree fell into the street, but a quite conscientious staffperson asked completely appropriate questions. Now lots of people besides rantWoman MAY actually think about the workshop above and some other kinds of organizational preparedness. Well Maybe.

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