Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hack the Commute Carpool Casual!!!

RantWoman is still VERY high from a weekend at #hackthecommute, #htcsea15. RantWoman knows that the work product of her team is strewn all over Twitter, github, Google drive.

RantWoman needs to add this blog, and to collect some reflections.

The short version: RantWoman appreciates that there were essentially two ad-hoc ride-sharing apps developed at #hackthecommute, #htcsea15.
One called Slugg got picked to advance. This app is based on the practice in another city, sorry RantWoman does not remember which one, called "slugging where people wait near freeway onramps looking for rides and drivers actually pick them up. 

RantWoman's first problem: the waiting out in weather part does not sound good. Also the needing to stand and wait does not sound preferable for riders with all kinds of different disabilities.

Furthermore, RantWoman is willing to spend some time being persuaded that individualized solutions are what is needed, but RantWoman is predisposed to want to work with larger numbers of people at one time. So Here's an invitation to sell RantWoman. Well actually, RantWoman has no money to dispense but would be looking to chip in somehow on the prestige / public acclaim front.

In the meantime, RantWoman thinks Casual Carpool offers WAY more potential to save time and energy and help people who actually often Like and WANT to go places in groups. Same challenging trust / trustworthiness issues. Way more vehicle diversity in RantWoman's head than Casual Carpool, but RantWoman is really happy to start with the Casual carpool concept!

RantWoman is also meditating about whether to look for people to more formally pitch all the elaborations of this concept found here:
In the meantime, a link and a video to help with connections.

An article including info for the winners

Demo video from Casual carpool

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