Saturday, March 21, 2015

Kustom Cane Not just your average mobility cane.

Another item posted for possible entertainment value for #hackthecommute overnighters and because the info meets RantWoman's standards for curation and conservation, otherwise known as "what will help RantWoman be able to find again?"

RantWoman offers, for her readers' enlightenment, a product endorsement that landed in her inbox, through a TN-based organization called KustomCane, the opportunity to festoon one's mobility cane with sports logos, geographically themed stickers, musical designs, all according to the website while complying with white cane laws.
Check out

Lexicography notes:
A mobility cane is the long, usually white cane blind people use and bang into things to help navigate with little or no vision. Mobility canes can be collapsible, telescoping, or one-piece. They are most commonly made of fiberglass, aluminum, or graphite. Discussion of tips requires more thought than RantWoman wants to supply at the moment.

The term "support cane" refers to any of a large variety of canes lots of people use to help them walk. These usually are about waist- high with a handlerather than straight like a mobility cane. Note: RantWoman knows a couple people who use both a mobility cane and a support cane.


The KustomCane Blog, full of all kinds o f inspiring comments and TN blindness news

Chameleon Cane from Kustom Cane

And forget the color of a certain dress. Here is a Chameleon mobility cane which changes colors depending on the angle of the lightthat hits it. RantWoman notes also the #a11y eccentricity of how the original site accomplishes descriptions in the label for the link but without any alt text that could come along when RantWoman slurps the link into her blog. In other words, even blind people have different ways to deal or not deal with #accessibility . Whine. Grumble

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