Thursday, April 23, 2015

The WA Department of Enterprise Services Usability Testing Lab!!!!

RantWoman brings you today's catalyst for usability testing excitement and hopefully usability / accessibility happiness as well: the WA State Department of Enterprise Services usability testing lab webpage and particularly the Technology heading which mentions screen reading, screen magnification, and some indication that this lab understands the impending mobile tide!

Even though RantWoman had to do her own research to find this information, RantWoman is terribly excited to discover the info above because.... RantWoman received an invitation to usability testing shown below. RantWoman received the invitation via a blindness email list but the email did not really spell out options if one needs to make reasonable accommodations requests. RantWoman is excited to discover that anyone in a state agency who is doing usability testing at this lab at least theoretically has the possibility of doing accessibility testing at the same time!

(Name of State Entity) is looking for volunteers to test their new webpage.  They are hoping to find both English and Spanish testers*.  Your participation could help ensure that information is easy to understand for all! There are ... gift cards as a thank you. Please find information below.
[*RantWoman assumes what is meant here is people who can test in both English and Spanish, not people from England or Spain.]

Dear Potential Participant,

We’re looking for consumers to help test the ..... 
With help from consumer testers like you, we can make sure the messaging and design of ... clearly directs customers to pay the right people. We’re looking for English and Spanish testers to provide feedback on new screens that are scheduled to be available on starting Sept. 24, 2015.

Here are the details:

When:   We are requesting a 1.5 hour time commitment from each participant. You can choose from the following times:
Where:  Department of Enterprise Services (DES) Usability Study Lab
 1500 Jefferson St. SE, Olympia WA 98501
What:  Use a mock version of Ournewwebsite and provide feedback on new screens.  We will set up scenarios for you so that you will not need to enter in any personal information. We’re seeking your feedback only about the content of information on-screen. You will be video recorded so that this material can be used by the(state entity)to improve our website.

You won’t need to prepare anything before you come in. In return, we are offering gift cards ... as an incentive for your time.
Please respond by Tuesday, May 5 by 5 p.m. by filling out this survey so we can schedule you in. We’d love to have your participation to help us to improve the consumer experience.

Thanks again!

(Names of staff and contact info)

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