Monday, April 20, 2015

Video of the day: Amazon "Life in Seattle"

According to this video

1. No one or at least none of the young urban hipters on camera wear glases, except sunglasses.

2. NO ONE on camera uses any kind of canes or mobility devices or hearing aids or...

3. There is diversity in people's skin tones.

4. "Housing is great here. It's not very expensive."
(Picture RantWoman rolling on the floor....)

[5. #TruthfulTuesday, activating the RantWoman telling too much of the truth mode: Traffic? What Traffic? #whydrive  #hackthecommute]

RantWoman will at some point meditate on the irony of Youtube, competitor to Amazon in some spaces also serving up a long list of vids about working conditions in Amazon warehouses. Hold that thought.

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