Monday, July 27, 2015

Ballot with blueberries

The RantWomen done voted, filled out our ballots, exercised our franchise for the primary.

Various fast comments:

--YUM. 96 pages of PDF, on a smartphone. Despite misdaventures earlier in the week RantWoman did find the online voters pamphlet but not the one candidate at a time version which is  August 2015 Candidates list. RantWoman also did not invoke either KUOW interviews or a couple other info streams. RantWoman did a couple times ask RantMom to read from the endorsement lists she had on hand. And RantWoman is REALLY glad to manage to mark a paper ballot and be reasonably confident she has marked the candidates she intends, though voters who need accessible voting options should check out Accessible Voting Resources

--Look, it's a PRIMARY. RantWoman is really impressed about the number and diversity of candidates running in Seattle City Council races. But it's a primary so half the task is hoping the right combinations of people make it to the next round. Sigh.

--RantWoman is glad for the end of the Cold War but one of these days may find herself called to lecture a couple candidates in Russian about democracy. Stay tuned?

--Next we turn to Port Commissioner. RantWoman had already heard from someone new to town that perennial elected office aspirant GoodSpaceGuy, formerly GoodSpaceGuy Nelson is on the ballot again, this time for Port Commissioner. Ummm, if and when teleportation to other dimensions becomes a reality, perhaps it will seem logical that it be overseen by the Port of Seattle so perhaps we should all thank GoodSpaceGuy for being ahead of his time.

Since matters of menu are always of interest in the Rant Family and since half the menu came from a newly opened food purveyor in RantMom's 'hood, the pre-voting menu:

--green salad with very ripe plum tomatoes

--roasted random veggies of good intentions roasted before the good intentions turned to mush in the fridge RantMom runs a much tidier refri than RantWoman does. In fact one time years ago RantWoman and two age-group peers were all chagrined to realized that our refirgerators did not measure up to our mothers' standards. RantWoman is SO relieved, though,  to realize that RantMom's fridge also occasionally develops veggies of good intentions.

--mini meat loaves with tasty minced pepper

--fresh blueberry crisp with frozen yogurt.

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