Tuesday, July 28, 2015

If it's not too much to ask:

RantWoman is VERY grateful and sending blessings upon the soul of someone.

One item not specifically mentioned in this previous True Crime and Unholiness tirade about a stolen bag has been returned. RantWoman is very, Very, VERY grateful. And whoever returned it should also be grateful not to get all your problems entangled in RantWoman's.

Now, since RantWoman believes in asking for what she needs, if it's not too much to ask, would it please, pretty please also be possible to return:

--the doll
Three Unique Dolls made by Blind Neighbor
The doll is the middle of this trio. She has wonderful long brown braids. She may look like the homeliest thing on the planet. I assure you she is not, but her sisters, the other children of the same passionate craftswoman miss her. RantWoman misses her. RantWoman has NO expectations that whoever knows her whereabouts is providing her with the level of care and adventure to which she feels entitled. And as far as RantWoman is concerned she just belongs back with her sisters.

--the calendar.
Again, the embodiment of dorkiness in bad handwriting with fat pen, but it is exactly what RantWoman needs and RantWoman resents the hell out of having to get along without it.

--the whole dang bag.

RantWoman really does appreciate BIG steps so far and RantWoman would also be really, really grateful for a few more steps. Please.

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