Sunday, August 2, 2015

Coming to a Sunday bulletin near you: the Annual Night Out!

The short version: the weekly bulletin meets the news for Neighborhood Night Out, edited slightly to prevent overload of faith-community specific terminology.

The Big One is Coming. The New Yorker says so.  (People) who do not just want to sit around fretting about impending Monster earthquakes can start by picking up valuable safety and preparedness information on Tuesday August 4 at Neighborhood Night out events throughout our area. Check out The Seattle Neighborhood Night Out page or ask someone with a Smartphone to help you find an event near you.

AND (people) particularly worried about climate change leading to much more severe storms can support community-based bipartisan efforts to help communities prepare for severe weather by responding to this cool legislative alert and asking WA members of Congress to sign on and co-sponsor the PREPARE Act.

The longer version. Warning it is about a faith community so it involves mention of things like prayer, not only prayer, but definitely prayer:
RantWoman can tell you blind IT professionals face some of the same issues in many different organizations. RantWoman can tell you this from reading a couple blind programming discussion lists.

Once upon a time when RantWoman was still reading computer magazines in print, a guy took a new job as director of data security. Over several months he wrote of several things that are probably about average at many organizations

Whether RantWoman's faith community is average or strictly above average, RantWoman suspects experiences might be similar in other faith communities. RantWoman's faith community is muddling along forming an ad-hoc committee on disaster preparedness, particularly as relates to said faith community.

So far, an assortment of Personalities, including RantWoman, have volunteered. Emails have been sent about resources and approaches: Personalities have weighed in. Already there is risk of terminology overload, not to mention wild disagreement about scope and approaches. Getting people all together in a room will be a good idea but RantWoman is not guessing about timing.  RantWoman also is specifically hoping to recruit someone else who is sane, female, younger than 60, and maybe new to Seattle / or to RantWoman's faith community.

RantWoman could nudge the person who is supposed to chair this effort, but Chair-to-be has just moved and RantWoman has limited time right now anyway. So RantWoman, thinking both twitches and timeliness, decided not to ask anyone's permission and just put something in the bulletin. Yikes. RantWoman PROBABLY could have been gentler. Say prayers.

Probably by the time the committee gets organized and figures out how to approach the problem, half of what is on RantWoman's mind will already get done. In the meaintime, RantWoman plans to offer commentary from time to time, assuming that other faith communities might include people like RantWoman and the people who have already signed on as well as some of the same issues and challenges RantWoman expects to write of. Say prayers. And think #preparedness.

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