Monday, August 3, 2015

The Service Guidelines Task Force: what to do for fun!

RantWoman means this posting to interest people who want to use #opendata and existing public sector data dashboards for civic participation around transit issues.

RantWoman has meant to write a couple posts about activities and discussions at the
 King County Service Guidelines Task Force .  The Service Guidelines Task Force follows up the work of the Regional Transit Task Force of 2010  

RantWoman's good intentions so far have not turned into. So permit RantWoman a short introduction of what's on her mind and then feel free to comment here or just to head over to the official site.

The Regional Transit Task Force got representatives of many king county jurisdictions, agencies as well as nonprofits and private citizens into rooms for a number of meetings. They worked very hard and came to HUGE agreements about changing how King County Metro allocates services / schedules bus routings. Metro has used the RTTF Service Guidelines framework to make scheduling and service cut decisions over several shakeup cycles. The Service Guidelines have offered the intended guidance. This has please people in some locations. In other locations, not so much.

Now the Service Guidelines Task Force is considering whether the service guidelines might need to be adjusted and if so how. RantWoman is thinking that some existing dashboard reports and other #opendata options might provide lots of people windows into this process. RantWoman is the kind of nerd who finds working with data like this FUN; RantWoman is hoping to charmer, motivete, and inspire some other people to similar interests. Stay tuned.

There. An intro. Check out the website. RantWoman has more to say but not today! But check out the website to get started...

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