Sunday, August 30, 2015

More Favorite Resource Fair Swag

By the time readers see this, the 500 backpacks and extra day of distribution should have arrived. RantWoman and dozens of families were standing outside the Seattle King County Resource Fair when the announcement came that the promised backpacks were all gone but 500 more would arrive the next day.

RantWoman did not exactly come for a backpack; if anyone had offered her one, she would promptly have found a child to give it to. There were LOTS of children and especially LOTS of children growing up bilingual. Kids growing up bilingual always warms RantWoman's heart because growing up bilingual is SO good for growing brains; RantWoman just wishes that literate in both languages were more likely. But RantWoman is just supposed to chill out and enjoy what is.

RantWoman also wants to appreciate some really awesome swag and a whole bag for of propaganda to explore for an information and referrals window from the Friendly Neighborhood Center for Extreme Computing.

L-R Posti-t pad, foam capsule stress reliver, pineapple luggage tag, plastic card case and awesome potholder Favorite Swag items:
a post-it pad
a giant foam capsule stress reliever
a pineapple luggage tag
a World Vision case RantWoman decided to stash some WA Council of the Blind business cards in
a truly AWESOME potholder RantWoman got from the Fire Department for knowing that the best thing to do with a grease fire is to cover it with a lid! No, RantWoman did not let on about having helped with disaster preparedness projects. Yes RantWoman is really glad to have another potholder.

Vets2Go card, lots of pens and refrigerator magnets and stickers
More Favorite Swag Items:
A card reminding RantWoman to mention veterans services even if she cannot find the right url
Several refrigerator magnets
A number of pens that will now walk away from the Friendly Neighborhood Center for Extreme Computing
A bunch of random stickers.

What more could anyone want?

Wait! This is RantWoman. Don't answer that.

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